10 Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill You

9. Potatoes

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Your carb option can also be fatal, as ordinary potatoes can be harmful if eaten at the wrong stage of their development. Ingesting sprouted potatoes, as well as their leaves and stems, may be poisonous since glycoalkaloids are present. This toxin is also present in nightshade plants.

When you don’t use potatoes right away after buying them at the supermarket, you’re likely to see sprouts on them. Sprouts will appear if they are left in too damp or light conditions. Even if the sprouts are sliced off, it is not recommended that you use these potatoes. As a result, throw them away right away because the poison might have soaked into the potato.

According to scientists, a bad 16-ounce potato (equivalent to one baked potato) can affect a 100-pound human.

Written by Aline Pilani

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