• Cottage Cheese Dessert

    Sweet Cottage Cheese Dessert

    Originally posted 2016-02-06 16:46:58. Cottage Cheese Dessert 2 cups low fat cottage cheese 4 tsp stevia 10 frozen raspberries 1/2 tsp unsweetened vanilla extract 2 tbsp water Preparation 1. Add all the cottage cheese, stevia and vanilla in a blender and blend until smooth. 2. Refrigerate for at least 40 minutes. 3. Place raspberries, 2 […] More

  • Peanut Butter Oat Cookies

    Chocolate – Peanut Butter Oat Cookies

    Originally posted 2016-02-06 15:56:00. Peanut Butter Oat Cookies 1/3 cup oats, uncooked ¼ tsp baking powder 1 tsp coconut oil ¼ cup stevia 4 scoops vanilla whey protein powder 2 tbsp sugar free peanut butter 2 egg whites ¼ cup skimmed milk 4 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tsp sugar free vanilla extract Preparation 1. Preheat […] More

  • Banana Mousse

    Simply Delicious Banana Mousse

    Originally posted 2016-02-05 22:54:25. How to Prepare Delicious Banana Mousse ¼ cup low fat coconut milk 2 tbsp stevia 1 tsp sugar free vanilla extract ½ banana, mashed 1.5 cup Greek – style fat free strained yogurt 3 scoops whey protein Slices of 1 banana Preparation 1. Place coconut milk, stevia, whey protein, vanilla extract and […] More

  • self esteem

    The Power Of Positive Self Esteem

    Originally posted 2016-02-05 19:44:17. The Power Of Positive Self Esteem Individuals who believe in themselves and have confidence in their self worth are better equipped to rise to today’s challenges. Positive self esteem pushes you beyond your boundaries. It lets us to take pride in our achievements no matter how small. The stronger your self […] More

  • Self confidence

    10 Steps To Build Self Confidence

    Originally posted 2016-02-05 18:39:56. WHAT IS SELF ESTEEM? Self-esteem is a personality trait; it is how one perceives herself. It is an assessment with regard to one’s appearance, emotions, behaviors and beliefs. Self-esteem is important to success as our sense of personal value determines how we look at the world around us. Still having trouble understanding […] More

  • Weight Gain

    Stop Late Night Weight Gain With These 3 Easy Tricks

    Originally posted 2016-02-01 15:58:29.   Stop Late Night Weight Gain With These 3 Easy Tricks: Most people have heard the advice that eating later in the evening isn’t healthy, but many don’t know exactly where that wisdom comes from. Most of us assume it’s because when we sleep, we burn less calories. It actually has […] More

  • Afformations

    Exercising almost daily, even when you are lazy and fall in love with exercise because of Afformation

    Originally posted 2016-01-20 16:07:25. Hey there, this is Aline Pilani. As I explained in my last articles, you simply don’t feel like exercising because your brain does not associate exercising with pleasure. I explained that the best way to exercise (to burn more fat while also make the brain release the most dopamine – the pleasure […] More

  • Glycation

    How to Minimize Glycation Effects for Better Health and Longer Life

    Originally posted 2016-01-19 17:55:45. How to Minimize Glycation Effects: Glycation interference with cellular functions of the body and byproducts that are highly oxidizing leads to a number of diseases. The GE’s are categorized into exogenous which are from our diet and endogenous which are internally produced within the body. This means therefore that it is possible […] More

  • in

    Foods that keep your blood sugar in low

    Originally posted 2016-01-19 17:28:10. Generally, you will manage to slow down aging when your blood sugars are controlled. Some of the best low glycemic foods you should go for to stabilize the blood sugar are; Nuts like cashews, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts nut butters, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts Peas like chick peas, yellow split peas and […] More

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