• Thriftiness

    Thriftiness: Another Piece of the Obesity Puzzle

    Originally posted 2016-06-01 16:58:56. Not everyone is equal when it comes to losing weight. Multiple factors determine whether people are successful or not. Growing evidence suggests that one of them is thriftiness. Recently, a group of researchers examined the association of thriftiness with body fat and body temperature. Today’s research review provides a detailed summary […] More

  • Plank Exercise

    How to Do a Plank: 7 Plank Exercise

    Originally posted 2016-05-28 16:45:23. Plank Exercise Plank exercise is a safe, challenging, and effective method of core conditioning. Variations of planks are used across many fitness disciplines, including Boot Camp Regimens, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Crossfit, and many more. The benifits of plank exercise are numerous. They not only strengthen the abs but also entire core […] More

  • Weight Gain

    Is Weight Gain Caused by a “Slow Metabolism”?

    Originally posted 2016-05-20 14:51:27. For decades scientists have suspected that obese people might have a “slow metabolism,” burning fewer calories than normal-weight individuals. However, this hypothesis is controversial. A new review was published recently looking at the available evidence. This is what they discovered. Article Reviewed This was a scientific review on the association of […] More

  • Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial Sweeteners in Pregnancy and Obesity in Child

    Originally posted 2016-05-16 17:33:17. The use of artificial sweeteners has increased dramatically in recent decades. At the same time, obesity rates have skyrocketed. However, the link between artificial sweetener use and obesity is controversial. A new study was just done that examines the use of artificial sweeteners in pregnancy and the risk of obesity in […] More

  • Yogurt for Weight Loss

    Yogurt for Weight Loss? The Surprising Truth

    Originally posted 2016-05-12 15:01:19. Yogurt is a popular dairy product made by adding live bacteria to milk. Without added sugar, it is generally considered to be very healthy. Some studies even link yogurt to a reduced risk of weight gain and obesity. Recently, a team of scientist decided to do a thorough review of all […] More

  • vegetarian diets

    Some People May Be Genetically Adapted to Vegetarian Diets

    Originally posted 2016-05-08 15:24:29. Scientists have hypothesized that people who follow plant-based diets for many generations are better adapted to vegan or vegetarian diets. In other words, some populations may be better at getting the nutrients they need from these diets. Recently, a group of researchers tested this hypothesis. Here is a summary of their […] More

  • Low-Fiber Diet

    Low-Fiber Diets Harm the Good Bacteria in Your Gut

    Originally posted 2016-05-04 17:23:35. A lack of fiber is one of the main flaws of the modern diet. Whole plant foods have largely given way to heavily processed products that have lost most of their fiber. Growing evidence suggests that low-fiber diets may adversely affect the gut microbiota, contributing to the development of many chronic […] More

  • Antibiotics and Weight Gain

    Antibiotics and Weight Gain

    Originally posted 2016-04-26 19:06:22. In observational studies, antibiotics have been linked to an increased risk of childhood obesity. For this reason, a recent study examined this association. This is the first large-scale observational study to examine this link across a large range of healthy children and adolescents. Below is a detailed summary of the results. […] More

  • Ketones in Urine

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    Ketones in Urine: What You Need to Know

    Originally posted 2016-04-22 17:21:49. Ketones in Urine Ketones are beneficial in many ways, but they are perhaps the most misunderstood compounds in medicine. Medical school biochemistry textbooks only touch on ketone metabolism briefly, which explains why most physicians are not familiar with their benefits. There are three ketones or ketone bodies. They are acetoacetate (AcAc), beta hydroxybutyrate (BHOB), […] More

  • How To Get Rid of Cellulite on Butt

    How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Butt

    Originally posted 2016-04-18 15:44:11. Want to know how to get rid of cellulite on butt? Cellulite is an abnormality that is supposed to appear on the skin around abdomen, pelvic region and lower limbs after puberty. In cases of mild cellulite, dimpling will only be seen when you pnch the skin in that area, in […] More

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