Morning Fat Melter Program

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6 reviews for Morning Fat Melter Program

  1. Kristen Webster Brought

    Great workout! Loved the rolling planks, especially bc I thought I wouldn’t be able to do them but I did! New routine! Thanks!

    • Aline Pilani

      Glad you loved it 🙂

  2. Terri-Lyn Costello

    I love the vidoes i started doing them on Monday along with meal replacements is it ok to combine all the workouts to get a full hr or should i just contine to do one each day

    • Aline Pilani

      You don’t have to do long workouts. That is a huge mistake. Short and intense, in the morning on your empty stomach, then a protein based diet and low in carbs 4 hours before going to bed. That is the key to lose up to 22 pounds in 30 days 🙂

  3. Desiree Boese

    I love that they are short and manageable. No excuse not to workout when it takes less than 20 min! Thank you!

    • Aline Pilani

      You are very welcomed 🙂

  4. Christianne Rietbergen

    Wow! Love this workout! I am sweating like mad in only twenty minutes!

    • Aline Pilani

      Oh yeah, you’ll be amazed on what happens in 1 week if you do them daily 🙂

  5. Gregory Hubler

    I like the routine requires no equipment. Isn’t it true you can build sand maintain muscle without weight?your program targets weight loss, I understand, just wondering….

    • Aline Pilani

      Hi 🙂 There are no weight, because that way everybody can do them 🙂

  6. Joy Reynolds

    THANK YOU ALINE!! I have dozens of workout videos and got nothing from them…they were long, complicated and many were outdated; I’ve been raising my grandson and haven’t been able to work so couldn’t afford new workout videos; YOUR gift of this morning workout was a Blessing from God!! It’s easy (although I’m winded because I’m just beginning) but right to the point! I’ve set a goal to do it every morning on on empty stomache and see how I feel after a week! Can u tell me why the lemon water? What does it do? Bless YOU sweet girl! Joy from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    • Aline Pilani

      Lemon water cleanses your body and it is filled with antioxidants and boosts metabolism, so drink it :- )

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