When is the best time to workout for weight loss?

best time to workout for weight loss

best time to workout for weight loss

Best Time to Workout for Weight Loss

When is the best time to workout for weight loss? If you are looking to lose weight, there is no escaping exercise. And, as important as it is to exercise, it is equally important to exercise at the right time. What has the time of the day got to do with exercise? Does it influence the number of calories you can burn?

The time of the day has more to do with your attitude towards exercise and nothing else. Most experts recommend morning as the best time to exercise for the following reasons.

People who exercised in the morning were found to be more consistent with their exercise. When time, social and other pressures creep in later in the day, it is easier to sacrifice exercise in order to fulfill those commitments. Early morning exercises set the body into a cycle making it easier to stick to the exercise routine.

Early morning exercise also gets you psyched up for the day. It kicks starts your metabolism and keeps it going for several hours, even after you have stopped exercising.

Thus, the body burns calories efficiently throughout the rest of the day. People who exercised early in the morning claimed that they felt more energized on days when they exercised than on days when they did not. To add, the body temperature is lower in the morning than the rest of the day. Therefore, exercising in the morning demands more time and energy to warm up.

A particular study also showed that women who exercised in the morning slept better at night than women who exercised later in the evening as it disturbs the body’s circadian rhythms. And, as most of us know, getting enough sleep at night pulls the reins tight on those nasty hormones, particularly those that regulate appetite.

You either get 60 minutes of exercise daily and 4 hours a week on an average. Before you start working out or trying any new exercise routine, you should always consult the doctor first. Start slow with low intensity exercises such as walking and cycling. When you start out, you should also start with shorter exercise durations and increase gradually. Combine exercise with a chore such as walking the dog or running errands. This way you can save time. If you don’t like working out alone, join a health club. It will help a lot. You can also buy workout tapes and DVDs to get going.

Even though doing almost any exercises in the morning has been proven to boost metabolism, the second way I am recommending is the best for weight loss, it takes less time and is more effective.

Here’s a workout that worked great for me and that in only 15-20 minutes burns almost 200 calories, and since you work your muscles and they need to recover, your body will burn calories even after the workout. It is a trick to boost metabolism a lot!

So, tomorrow morning do 5 sets of: 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30 abdominal crunches and 50 jumping jacks. Do each of these 5 times, try to accelerate, and do these exercises in a very intense rhythm.

You will be sore the next day, but that’s normal! After a while you can hold 1-2 pounds weights in your arms as you do this workout!

So, since studies have shown that women who exercise each morning have in average 30 % more energy throughout the day and lose weight easier compared to the ones who don’t, do that workout tomorrow morning! Don’t forget to share this article about best time to workout for weight loss with your friends using the social media icons.

Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.