pokemon go weight loss

This calculator, from the folks at Omni Calculator, focuses on the eggs you can receive at PokéStops, and how much weight you can lose while walking or running to hatch them. Start by entering your weight (so it can better calculate your total energy burn), decide which type of egg you want to hatch (2 km, 5 km, or 10 km) along with how many, and it will calculate your total calorie burn, how far you traveled, and your total weight loss potential. The calculator also tells you how long it will take to hatch your egg batch so you can plan out your workouts, and lets you modify your on-foot speed so you can use it if you want to run instead of walk. Try it out for yourself below.

– See How Much Weight You Can Lose Playing Pokémon Go With This Calculator.


Pokémon GO Weight Loss Calculator