You must change your lifestyle – Weight loss success key #1

weight loss success

weight loss success

Weight Loss Success Key #1

Hey There, I’m Aline Pilani and in this article, i will talk about the 10 keys of successful weight loss. You see, after i have helped and interviewed thousands of people who successfully lost weight, I found 10 keys they all had in common and that you must follow. Each of these 10 keys has a video and a pratical exercise, which is very important to do if you want to be successful. So let’s start with key #1 – All people who achieved weight loss success changed their lifestyle. So, you will have to adopt new habits and let go off all the ones that do not help you. This is very important and i ask you yo be completely opened to change. My recommendation is to take a piece of paper and make a list with all your daily habits and look at the ones that don’t help you. An example can be: drinking coffe late in the evening… Then, find a habit you could replace it with. For example you could replace it with drinking unsweetened green tea instead, so right now, take a piece of paper and list 10-20 habits that are stopping you and 10-20 new habits that you could adopt in order to live a healthier life. What’s very important, is to focus on doing the new habits for 21 days and I promise you that if you are able to do them, your life will change in a spectacular way. So again, take a piece of paper and do the exercises: list 10-20 habits that are stopping you and 10-20 new habits that you could adopt!

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Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.