How Is Sauna Weight Loss Beneficial?

Sauna Weight Loss

Men and women have been experiencing the pleasure of a sauna for centuries. Over that time the design, dimensions, and heating process have changed dramatically. Additionally, that rather significant amount of time has allowed family saunas, individual saunas, and community saunas to come to fruition. All-in-all saunas are one of the universally recognized innovations that enable common illnesses to be combatted naturally. That is an undebatable fact, however, the question everyone is quitelly pondering is ”Can the sauna help with weight loss?”

Sauna weight loss: The truth about the calories

There are many misconceptions wen it comes to the actual number of calories burned in a sauna because many people either stretch the truth or just express information when they are uniformed about the topic at hand. Those individuals would likely make statements such as ”you can burn 50 calories per minute” or ”I burned 1,000 calories today just by sitting in the sauna.” Such declarations are essentially just exaggerations of the truth. The fact of the matter is that the ”average male” (a male that weighs 185 pounds) will burn an extra 21-42 calories in a 30 minute period. In other words, an average man will exceed their typical calorie expenditure by 1.5-2 times when sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes.

The sauna science

The science behind the sauna is truly a simple matter. It can be broken down into two pieces of information. A person will have a resting energy expenditure, which is the number of calories by sitting all day. The sauna alters this process by introducing excessive amoutn of heat. Those high temperatures increase the metabolic rate, which means a person can simply sit and burn more calories.

Maximizing the results

Sauna for Weight LossOnce a person finds out they can burn excess calories in a sauna, thet immediately ask a series of questions. The most common one concerns whether or not it is possible to burn higher amount of calories while in the sauna. That question implies burning more than 1.5-2 times their typical calorie expenditure. It is definitely possible. The actions that acheive this goal are noted below.

Standing up for an hour while in the sauna. This will add 50 calories to the total number of calories being burned per hour.

Doing any form of exercise while in the sauna. The joournal of ”sports science and medicine” stated that the average person or athlete that spent time in a sauna experienced reduced stress levels. As a result of this, the substance that is associated with stress (cortisol) leaves the blood. That means any activity will immediately be able to target fat because there is not longer an opposing force.

Doing feep breathing exercises while in the sauna. The unequivocal evidence shows that a person will experience a dramatic increase in their ability to breathe if they are in a sauna. This enhanced ability to intake oxygen and distribute it to the body allows more oxidation to accur. Ultimately that leads to the body beinf able to burn off additional calories.

”How Is Fat Lost?”

A very common misconception when it comes to sitting in a sauna concerns fat loss. A rather significant amount of people beleive the increased temperature in a sauna will somehow ”melt the fat” off of them. Well, that is an incorrect assumption because there is nothing that targets just fat. In fact, there are only two factors that contribute to a person’s appearance. These are muscle weight and cellulite (fat). Excess fat that appears on the body comes from storing calories that are not used. Overall this means losing weight by using a sauna comes down to burning calories.

The Right Question – ”How is Weight Lost?”

A previously mentioned fat cannot be speciafically targeted when getting into a sauna, That does not mean that fat cannot be lost. Losing fat comes from consuming fewer calories that your total daily energy expenditure. In other words, you have to burn more calories that you consume. Once that occurs your body will start pulling from the fat that is stored.

The use of sauna is helpful in acheiving this caloric deficit because it burns more calories in less time. This can be understood by following this train of thought. A 150-pounds person burns 68 calories per hour if they are not in a sauna. Once they get into a sauna, they burn between 102-136 calories per hour, which would be 34-48 extra calories. If they sit in the sauna for 3 hours they use an additional 102-204 calories. If they were attempting to lose weight they would be able to put those calories toward their energy expenditure, which would mean fat would have a greater chance of being lost.

The Necessary Weight- Water Weight

As previously mentioned weight can be lost by using a sauna. However, an invalid assumption can leave people losing the so-called ”wrong weight”. This assumption is seen when a person jumps on the scale after they have been sitting in a sauna for a while. They will get in the scale and notice a 5 pounds decrease or even 10 pounds decrease in their weight, which will inspire them to come to conclude that they have lost fat. It is physically impossible to lose that amount of weight in that short period of time.

The 5-10 pounds comes from the substance that makes up 70% of a person body (water). This occurs because a person is subject to excessively high temperatures that cause them to sweat. The excessive sweating depletes the body of water and continues to do this the more a person sweats. Overall that means a person trying to lose weight should follow a similar process to the one below.

  • Weigh before getting in the sauna.
  • Weigh after being leaving the sauna.
  • Compare the weights regarding pounds.
  • Repeat that process during every sauna session to get an idea of how much water weight in comparaison to fat.

The Icing on The Cake

At this point, the relationship between sauna usage and fat loss has been discussed. The fact that the sauna helps fat reduction should inspire people to visit the sauna. The interesting thing that should be noted is that many people visit the sauna for other reasons. In fact, some visit the sauna possessing a mindset that has nothing to do with fat loss. This might leave asking ”why are they in a sauna if they do not want to burn extra calories?” It turns out there are tons of others benefits to visiting a sauna, and they identify with the following:

Detoxification: When one sits in the sauna increased temperatures in sauna cause an individual to perspire. As time progresses, they tend to perspire more and more. Essentially that is taking the body and pulling toxins such as alcohol, junk food, and other unhealthy substances from the body.

Exfoliation: The increased temperature in a sauna allows the millions of pores in the body to open. The opening of the pores allows infection to be secreted throught them. As a result of this, both whiteheads and blackheads are less likely to form. Additionally, the heat allows dead skin cells that are on the top layer of the skin to decrease, which aids in the elasticity of the skin and exfoliation of the skin.

Fighting illnesses: When an individual sits in the sauna their internal temperature increases. As a result of this, their body performs its natural process, which is to produce white blood cells. Those while blood cells prevent illnesses such as the cold or the flu. Using sauna will also allow a person that has one of those illnesses to experience a quicker recovery time because the extra white blood cells will fight the infection in their body.

Safety Sauna Healthy Lifestyle

Once an individual knows the many benifits that come fromu using a sauna, they will likely want to make use of one as fast as possible. That is without a doubt a good decision, but there are safety measures that should be taken into consideration. These rules will ensure a healthy decision does not counteract itself by becoming harmful to a person’s health. The universally accepted tips for using a sauna are recognized as being the following:

  • Do not drink alchohol before going to the sauna. The dehydration that comes from drinking the alcohol in combination with the dehydrating affect of the sauna is unhealthy.
  • Gradually adjust to the sauna over time by starting off at 20 minutes and increasing the time as your body adapts to the heat.
  • Avoid using the sauna if you have extremely high blood pressure, low blood pressure, are pregnant or have a heart condition.
  • Leave the sauna if you geel lightheaded, cold, nauseated, or dizzy.

The takeaway – ”Should I use the sauna weight loss?”

The sauna is a marvelous invention that is visited by millions of individuals from all walks of life. This is the result of the many healthy benefits the sauna has to offer. Some visit the sauna for their skin, while others visit for illness-related reasons. Hopefully, more people will reconize its most profound benefit (its ability to speed up weight loss). All-in-all the sauna is a miraculous innovation that is nearly unprecedented when it comes to shedding extra pounds quickly, cheaply, and overall naturally.

Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.