10 Steps To Build Self Confidence

Self confidence

Self confidence


Self-esteem is a personality trait; it is how one perceives herself. It is an assessment with regard to one’s appearance, emotions, behaviors and beliefs. Self-esteem is important to success as our sense of personal value determines how we look at the world around us.

Still having trouble understanding what self-esteems means? Just spilt the word into two:

self confidence

Now put the two together.
Self-esteem is about how valuable you think you are to the world
It is about what you believe you can do
Self-esteem is that inner force that lets you trust in yourself. It gives you the confidence to take the leap to try new things. It helps you accept and respect yourself irrespective of your flaws. It puts you in control of your life allowing you to make your own choices.

You will be able to make healthy and productive decisions about your mind and body, decisions for your present and future. And, it is only when you see yourself in a positive way that your family members and friends will respect you too. It all starts with a reality check, probing into your strengths and weaknesses.


1-Dress Well

Physical appearances can change the way you feel about yourself. The more conscious you are about your looks, the less confident you will be. It also affects how to approach and interact with others.
Dress to boost confidence. Improve your physical appearance by bathing, wearing clean and ironed clothes. It also helps to stay updated on the latest fashion trends.

Wear something you are comfortable in and can carry confidently.
You need not spend too much on clothes. The trick is to buy fashionable, high quality clothes. They might be expensive, but they last longer and look better.

2-Walk quickly and energetically

People try to gauge how confident you are based on how you walk.

A slow, staggering walk hints at a preoccupied mind. A brisk walk makes you look more assured. Walk faster than you normally do, but don’t race. Take short quick steps. Your gait should look energetic and lively.

3-Correct Your Posture

Your posture speaks volumes too. People with a wrong posture usually harbor feelings of inferiority. It not only conveys lack of confidence but also a dull and unenthusiastic nature.
So, sit up straight. When you stand, hold your head high. Maintain eye contact. Your self confidence will leave a positive impression on others.

4-Personal Mantra

Motivational speakers can boost your confidence. However, the opportunities are few. Either they are organized in places far away from where you stay or have very high registration fees.

Never mind! You can create your personal mantra – a few lines highlighting your strengths. Write it out on a small card or memorize it. Say it aloud, preferably in front of a mirror whenever you are low on confidence.

5-Dwell on the Good

Being ambitious is good, but attach “over” to it and it gets a little tedious. You start setting unrealistic goals. When you are unable to fulfill them, you only see your failures.
So take a break. Just before you jump into bed, look back on how the day has gone for you. You will be amazed at what you’ve achieved. They might not be milestones in your life, but small achievements enough to keep you motivated.

6-Complement Others

Now that’s a tough thing do. Often, we project the negativity that we feel for ourselves on others. We insult them or worse backbite about them.
Break the habit. Do not engage in meaningless gossip. Encourage others by complementing them. Your peers will start liking you. It will help also build your self-confidence.

7-Take the front seat

We like being back benchers. It is an easy way to be out of the line contact. We don’t want to be picked up for activities. You can get over this irrational fear by taking the front seat the next time.

8-Voice your opinions

In group discussions, many prefer to stay quiet for the fear of embarrassment. What if you say something wrong or stupid?
The fear is unreasonable.
What you must remember is that the other members are probably battling the same fears as you. Voicing your opinion will help overcome the fear of speaking in public. It will also help enhance your public speaking skills. Others will look at you as a leader, making you more confident.

9-Get physically fit

People who are very skinny or are very fat are often found to be lacking in confidence. Their body figure makes them insecure and unattractive. They believe they will be judged by their far from perfect body.
It is true and hence you need to get into shape. Exercising regularly builds a fit and sculpted body. It also makes you energetic and positive. And you are lucky enough that you have started the Morning Fat Melter Program and you are on your path to the new sexy you.

10-Think about others

We are so caught up in our own selves – our goals, our desires, our needs – that we neglect the others around us.
For once, you should stop thinking about yourself and pay attention to the needs of others. Do your bit to make the world a better place. It will not only get you recognition but you will also be well-liked among your peers. You will be rewarded with more personal success.

To learn to respect yourself, you must first stop belittling yourself. Believe that you are equal to others. You’re not deficient in any way and so you deserve the same love, appreciation and respect that another gets.

Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.