How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight?

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight? Most of the weight loss programs out there have very restrictive diet plans, extreme workouts, however it’s not the case with my Morning Fat Melter Program. The diet plan is easy to follow and contains 6 filling meals, the workouts are short and enjoyable, and every 7 days you can enjoy a cheat day, when you eat double the amount of carbs to be sure you keep your Leptin levels high and your metabolism fast.

The most important aspect of our program is to keep your blood sugar at optimum levels – especially after 7pm – and that’s why being motivated and keeping your interest from waning is really important. The simple secret is to figure out what keeps you going.

So, here are a few tips to make this even better for you.

Shaping up for a big event:

Let your weight loss efforts be concentrated in a single source. It could be a big event – a wedding, a college reunion or your parent’s silver wedding anniversary. An event that holds great importance in your life will push you to stick with your weight loss program no matter how tough and demanding it is. I hope you wrote down your goal

Make a Commitment to yourself:

Start by making a commitment to yourself. Make yourself believe that you have to fit into a pair of slim fit jeans or a svelte dress. The best way to remind yourself of this commitment is to write it down on the first page of your journal or paste a sticky note on your refrigerator. You can also include it as a pop up on your computer screen.

Don’t let the numbers depress you:

When trying to lose weight, it is tempting to jump onto the weighing scale every other day to see if you’ve managed to get rid of any pounds from the previous night.

Fat loss might be slow sometimes, and it might be a few days before you can actually change the figure on the weighing scale. With the Morning Fat Melter program, results should be fast, but if they are not, don’t be depressed. The best thing to do is weigh yourself every 3 days.

A support weight loss buddy can help too:

This might be the perfect option for anyone who draws encouragement beyond one’s inner self. You can write me at and join my fan page facebook and stay close with the community we
have created.

You can also get a weight loss buddy and do the Morning Fat Melter Workouts with you. However, when in a weight loss group or when working out with a weight loss buddy, do not compare results.  Every person’s body is different and thus, the amount of time it takes to achieve a specific set of goals may vary from person to person.

Celebrate every milestone completed:

Achieving a milestone, although it may be small, can be very satisfying especially when you are trying to trim your waistline. Reward yourself or celebrate at each milestone completed. You can go watch the latest movie or buy yourself a pretty pair of shoes.

Set Realistic Goals:

A wrong or unrealistic goal is the biggest spoiler. When you set unrealistic goals, you fail to achieve what you have planned. This can rob you of your confidence and motivation. Hence, set short-term realistic goals. However, I really think 4-5 pounds per week can easily be done.
You can always go back to the piece of paper you wrote when you started. The one with your WHY and your weight loss GOAL… It will help you stay motivated till the end!

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Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.