Detox diets: Do they work?

detox diets

detox diets

Detox diets are another way to clean, clear and cleanse your body. It is a popularize way commonplace , mainstream and more and more acceptable, toted and advocated as the thing to do for and with your body to ensure health. IT IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT PER SE AS THE FIRST AND FOREMOST GOAL, yet people do tend to lose weight while getting rid of the toxin build up. You are invited and encouraged to partake of natural and healthy foods MORE often, rather than unhealthy, empty calorie consumption of unhealthy foods and snacks. Typically detoxification procedures involve liquid type diets and pretty much nothing else, initially and generally systematically introduces back into the diet, the other foods and chemicals again, to ensure that your body is back in balance and healthy. You can have shock and withdrawal, even cravings while on the DETOX.

Here are some positive ways DETOX can contribute and have an effect on your life, health and body:

  • A detoxification process and cleansing can do a lot for you – there are many benefits and rewards, including added energy, generally feeling healthier with more vitality and spunk.
  • It is toted to cure, prevent diseases, keep you focused and energized.
  • These positive effects some attribute to the effective and total elimination of toxins and harmful build-up of certain substances in your body that is broken down and gotten rid of.
  • Mostly these types of interventions are supposedly short to medium term and not stuck to for an extended period.
  • AGAIN, IT NEEDS TO BE EMPHASIZED, THAT DETOX IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS TOOL FIRST AND FOREMOST (although some have been highly effective in losing weight while detoxifying their bodies).


– Fasting, restrictive diets
– Not seen as suitable for young growing children or athletic or highly active teens
– Diabetics and/or less than optimal healthy individuals should proceed with caution PRIOR to detoxifying for any extent of time.
– The euphoria and rewards you experience while and after detoxifying, could very easily have you wanting more and doing it again and again.
– Extreme caution is advised, as it could be detrimental to your health and well-being if this became your lifestyle.
– Taking laxatives (sometimes part of the processes suggested) might lead to some, any or all of the following:
– other complications
– mineral imbalances
– digestive system issues
– dehydration
– Addictive type behaviors and bad habits
– Water and muscles loss over time
– slowing down your metabolism
– losing , maintaining and controlling weight could become MORE difficult
– Balanced living and healthy nutrition needs to prevail. These processes demand you eat healthy foods like:

– lean meats
– eggs
– beans, or peas
– calcium
– low-fat or fat-free milk
– yogurt
– lots of water daily
– fiber
– fruits
– veggies
… and many others.

You will experience the MOST success initially and in the beginning of your detoxification process, as your body re-establishes its original and preferred balance – its optimal, ultimate state and functioning! But it does depend on each unique individual, as no two people will have the same experience with DETOX.

Things to bear in mind to optimize your DETOX:

– In general to boost the effectiveness and results of this procedure and treatment,
avoid caffeine, sugar, fried fatty foods, soda drinks and alcohol directly following and a couple of days after. YOU WILL SEE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.
– It can be messy and take long, so divert your attention and make it practical and comfortable
– Stay hydrated and you can even take a shower before the procedure in order to prepare your skin for what is to come
– Thermal blankets can enhance the experience and wrapping somewhat tight (NOT TOO TIGHT) can do the trick!

Many Medications, supplements and other herbal, natural products to consider for detoxification
Apart from naturally occurring nutrients and good detox-enablers, like:
Whole foods
other natural products and substances
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Greens or phytochemical-rich foods and groups
Foods that protect you against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure:
– antioxidants
– there are also supplements and pills to consider – also for DETOX processes and results.
In In our pop the pill type culture and habits, it is so easy to think that there is a magic bullet for everything. A tablet or capsule, gel-tab, mixture or potion for everything under the sun – ailment and cure!

Sometimes we do not eat enough, eat the wrong things, too much, not a balanced diet, food on the run, and then take multivitamins and mineral supplements to ensure that we get our daily dose of what our bodies require. Others who may benefit include seniors and pregnant women.

TIPS and recommendations for choosing, using and tapping into natural or herbal supplements for DETOX and healthy living

– Be SMART about which ones you take when
– Be sure to check the expiration dates to ensure potency and results
– Do not overdose or take more than the recommended amount  DO NOT USE EXPIRED products.
– Ensure you know the source, manufacturer, contents, label
– High doses of certain elements can have negative effects on the body
– Interference and interactions with other things that you might be taking
– List the active ingredients and all other fillers, additions or other ingredients nutrients and dosage
– Look at the details on the label regarding its strength, purity, disintegration and dissolution.
– Marketing ploys, promises and packaging is not what you end up putting in your body – treat with skepticism, care and caution.
– Serving, size and storage
– Store and keep out of reach of children, non-humid and high-up is best.
– Supplements may not be suitable for all individuals, those suffering from certain illnesses.
– They are BEST taken in addition to diet and nutrients, NOT MERELY AS substitutes.
– They are not good replacements for real food.
– You need to know what and why you are taking supplements

In the environments we live and function in, there are many contaminants present that we need to cope and deal with effectively to avoid their build up interfering with our health, well-being, longevity and balance. WE need to rid our systems and bodies of it and this is often called detoxification as we have seen. Anyone and everyone can do it, if you proceed with caution. Polluted air, additives in our foods, pesticides on our fruits and veggies, genetically altered food and more need to be clean, cleared and cleansed from our systems, tissue and being!

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Written by Aline Pilani

Hey, I’m Aline Pilani. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have spent the last 10 years of my life helping people losing weight, increase their health and confidence, and I truly want to do the same for you.