All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI am non-alcoholic. I came across a statement claiming whiskey helps in weight loss and in preventing diabetes. How far is this statement true?
Adam Hayan asked 4 years ago

How far is this statement true? About the distance between these two dots: ..

No, probably less. First, there is no food that “helps in weight loss and in preventing diabetes“. There are diets, on the other hand, that can.

But you could drink yourself to death and then you wouldn’t be gaining any more weight. So there’s that.

Alcohol is not only a depressant drug, it’s very caloric. And, if you thought sugar made your liver work hard, you should see what alcohol does. Oh, wait! Guess what alcohol is made from.

The current science as I understand it is that there are no health benefits to drinking alcohol even in moderate amounts, but small amounts probably won’t hurt you much. (Obviously there is a safe dose for anything, but the needle is starting to budge toward “better off not drinking at all.”)

Note that if you ever get drunk what you are experiencing is an alcohol overdose.